AC Repair 24-Point Tune Up/Checkup

Keeping your AC running in your Home & Business
Seasonal Special.

Air conditioning maintenance is just as important as changing the oil on your car That’s why our expert professionals are happy to check your system for issues and add up to one pint of refrigerant to ensure that everything stays in proper working order.

car-proserv The 24-point difference

Proserv America’s 24-point a tune up won’t only prevent the need for costly future repairs”
but it can also keep you from inadvertently voiding your unit’s warranty
Each air conditioning unit is unique, so let the experts at Proserv America
ensure that your AC is in tip-top shape.

A/C 24-Point Standard Tune-Up


The 24-point standard tune-up includes the following

*Drain line cleaning is for maintenance only, no obstructed drain lines.
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A/C 24-Point Standard Tune-Up & Check-Up