Attic Insulation

Why Do You Need Attic Insulation?

The main purpose for attic insulation in South Florida is to keep the hot air out and keep your cool air in. In addition, when a home does not have enough attic insulation, some of the heated air in your home escapes to the cool space in the attic. Therefore, the heating system has to run longer and more often in order to get the air in the living space up to the desired temperature. Both of these instances mean more energy usage and higher energy bills.

We’re All About Saving You Money

Depending on the square footage of your attic area and the thickness of that existing insulation, we may be able to maximize the resistance of heat flow with your attic insulation. The technicians at Proserv America are experts in assessing your insulation needs given the current insulation and airflow in homes of any size. Our licensed technicians can create a custom solution that will enable your heating and cooling system to do its job efficiently.

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